Policy Statement

This policy applies to:

  • All current and former staff;
  • Individuals and organisations that provide goods or services under a Commonwealth contract or sub-contract and their officers or employees.

The purpose of the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PID Act) is to promote the integrity and accountability of the Commonwealth public sector by:

  • Encouraging and facilitating the making of disclosures of wrongdoing by public officials
  • Ensuring that public officials who make protected disclosures are supported and protected from adverse consequences relating to the making of a disclosure
  • Ensuring that disclosures are properly investigated and resolved or managed.

The PID Act complements existing notification, investigation and complaint handling policies and procedures.  For example, where a public interest disclosure concerns suspected fraud, the investigation will be conducted in accordance with the Fraud policy.

In essence, the PID provides additional protections for disclosers and reporting obligations for agencies.  This policy operates closely with our whistle-blower policy and processes.

Who Can Make a Public Interest Disclosure?

A person must be a current or former ‘public officer’ to make a public interest disclosure.  This is a broad term which encompasses AAFCANS staff and contractors.

AAFCANS commitment

AAFCANS is committed to ensuring the highest level of ethics in our organisation and support public interest disclosure.

We encourage any person who considers that they have witnessed wrongdoing to come forward and make a disclosure.

The welfare and safety of staff and customers is AAFCANS’ first priority.  Damage to our business through inappropriate conduct or wrongdoing must be addressed and corrected as soon as possible.

Stewart McGrow

Managing Director


Policy Manager:  Company Secretary

Approval Authority: Managing Director

Date of Publication:  5 Dec 2016

Date to be Reviewed:  5 Dec 2017

Document: POL05